Monday, July 10, 2017

The 2017 Contest of Gintery Goodness - Part Four

We embark today upon part four of this contest.  Some housekeeping.  From the title of this post you can probably infer that this is contest #4 in a series... if you haven't gotten in on any of the ones prior, they are still open!  Here's some links:

Contest #1 (Deadline: Midnight on July 19th)

Contest #2 (Deadline: Upon checklist release)

Contest #3 (Deadline: Midnight on July 19th)

Today's contest: (Deadline: Midnight on July 19th)

Comment below with the team you think will be featured on the first mini card I pull from this year's Allen & Ginter base set (so inserts don't count, parallels do).  Non-sport subjects will be disregarded and we'll use the franchise rule for players featured on defunct teams (i.e. Montreal Expos = Washington Nationals).  Obviously, since there are only 30 MLB teams, this contest will be limited to the first 30 participants (who knows if we'll even get that many).

Good luck and choose wisely!