Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Grouping Together Some Braves Young Guns

I've been frequenting eBay quite a bit recently... probably a bit too much for my own good.  I guess it gave me something to spend my money on as opposed to buying a new box of something way overpriced... Stadium Club is already $130 for a hobby box.  No thanks.  I've tried local Targets and Wal-Marts too, but they really didn't have much that excited me (mostly just flagship).

To eBay I went hunting for deals.

I went searching by product and decided to take a peak at this year's Bowman's Best to see if there might be any inserts or base cards worth picking up.  I decided I wasn't really thrilled with the set, but all the same found myself putting the minimum bid ($0.99) on this Ian Anderson auto.  To my surprise, I ended up winning it, so I went and looked at the seller's other items to justify the shipping.  My first Matt Wisler auto immediately made the cut at $0.99.  Matt also notably gets the award for best looking signature on this post... though it wasn't too hard to do.

Also making the cut at the under $1 benchmark were this Kolby Allard and Anthony Alford.  I honestly still don't know why I picked up the Alford.  It went straight into my trade bait box.  I guess I couldn't pass up blue scribbles for four quarters.

This is where these sellers get you.  I could've easily walked away with those four autos, paid my $3 shipping and come out happy... but no.  Couldn't do that.  Instead I bid on this auto of recently called up Sean Newcomb; a gold parallel numbered 20/99.  I ended up spending $13 on it... probably a bit pricey, but I really wanted something of this kid's.

Sean grew up south of Boston and ended up going to school at the University of Hartford.  I remember watching this guy pitch for the Hartford Hawks once.  He throws hard and I was excited to hear that he got the call-up this year.  I've been trying to make a point and watch as many of his starts as I can when I'm at work (yes... I arguably get paid to watch sports... it's great).  He looked absolutely phenomenal in his first 3 or 4 outings and I actually missed his start where he got really roughed up.

I like this kid enough that I'm going to start actively looking for more of his cards.  In fact, right after pulling the trigger on this card, I went over to COMC and wiped them out of every parallel I could find under a buck.  I'll have that post eventually... but probably after Ginter mania.

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