Monday, July 3, 2017

Cleaning out the Scan Bucket

Just as the title of this post implies, this post is going to tackle a good number of scans that have backed up on me for one reason or another.  I wanted to get these out on the blog before Allen & Ginter season begins in earnest.  

This particular scan has been waiting quite some time to get blogged about.  Mostly, I just had zero motivation to talk about this experience.  I joined a Topps Series 1 group break back on product release... I think it was two jumbos.  Obviously I picked the Braves, and these were the only non-base cards I got from that deal... all I can say is that joining Nachos Grande's recent group break was a much better decision than this one.

This particular scan has been in the bucket for almost a year now.  I have no excuse.  I bought this lot of 12 cards off eBay on October 27th of last year.  They were three bucks a pop plus another three in shipping, so just shy of $40 for the lot.  That seems to be about half of what the going rate for these minis are, so I think I got a good deal (which is pretty much all that matters).

Another batch of 12 minis.  These are actually a complete set and I picked them up as part of a trade/buy with a member of one of those trading sites that I seldom frequent.  Ever since Zistle went under, I've gone back to square one on trying to sort/categorize my collections and details like 'where these cards came from' escape me fairly often.  All I do know is that it wasn't a blogger!  I also know that I'm grateful to have found this pesky set, as prior to this, I did not own a single card from it!

Lastly comes a scan that might be expected and comes with a fabulous story that you can read about here if you don't remember.  I received this redemption in the mail from Topps some time ago and have yet to show it off.  For a Ginter auto, the card is actually in pretty rough shape... enough for me to notice at least.  The top left corner (inside the frame) is dinged and the plastic covering part of the frame (the piece that doesn't let you touch the card) is really beat up and scratched.  I think that's the main reason the scan looks a bit blurry.  I don't mind though since it was pretty much a free card!

Happy 4th of July everyone, and I hope you all have tomorrow off and eat burgers or brats! 


  1. Happy 4th to you.

    Not a bad looking auto card. Too bad it didn't arrive as you hoped

  2. Those Creatures of Legend, Myth, Terror are awesome (and yes, that set is seemingly impossible to complete). I still need 4 more myself after all these years!