Saturday, July 15, 2017

Gintery Contest #5 - Clue #4

If you're looking for rules on this contest you can find them here.  Good luck!

I'm not saying it will be easy, but I'm pretty sure you can theoretically nail this player down after this clue.  A co-worker of mine was able to successfully guess this player after I gave him this fourth clue... though it did take him an hour plus the use of some of our internal tools, so I won't blame you all if no one gets it still.  :D

Clue #4: Not that many people would care, but I've had a positive WAR in every season I've played professional baseball.  That's not something Albert Pujols can say this year!


  1. I made a list of everyone that this could possibly be, and started eliminating them down by the criteria so far. I was a little confused by the "rookie status" criteria, so I still have three players in the running (rather than just one). One of them is Trevor Story, but Greg Z. beat me to that.

    So for this round, I am going to say Justin Bour. I believe he still meets them all.