Monday, November 21, 2016

I Need Your Help Being Decisive

I enjoy minis.  I strive to collect a complete set of regular back Allen & Ginter minis from every year that Topps has produced them.  So far, I have only fully completed one set, but that okay.  It gives me something to chase after.

With all this mini collecting over the years, I've accumlated a vast assortment of "unwanted" minis.  It's not that I don't like them... it's more that they don't fit in any specific collection, so they get set aside.

Today I attempt to change this!

I'm going to be putting together a Frankenset of black bordered Ginter minis with a few rules:

  1. As is typical of a Frankenset, I must include a single card of every number (1-350 in this case).
  2. No card subject can be repeated.
  3. The most "iconic" mini will always make the binder ahead of another mini.
  4. I will attempt to keep each year of Allen & Ginter represented at least somewhat fairly.
This idea originally started coming together after my case break from last year.  In 2014, I pulled a black bordered Bryce Harper rookie card and last year I pulled a black bordered Kris Bryant rookie card.  I figured that these cards were the definition of "iconic" (not to mention a bit pricey), so I wanted to do something with them to show them off.

I spent the past month creating a spreadsheet of Ginter checklists over the last 11 years and slowly eliminated cards until now.

I need your help.  I'm at an impass.  337 of the 350 potential mini slots are accounted for.  These last 13 have yet to be decided.

Statue of Liberty vs. Steve Carlton

Will Clark vs. Orlando Cepeda

Javy Lopez vs. Jack the Ripper vs. Colin Cowherd

Daisuke Matsuzaka RC vs. Chris Johnson RC

Dwight Eisenhower vs. McKayla Maroney

Moises Alou vs. Javier Vazquez

Eiffel Tower vs. Rafael Furcal

PT Barnum vs. Charles Goodyear

Sacagawea vs. Jeremy Hellickson RC

Mario Andretti vs. Albert Einstein vs. Rollie Fingers

Alexei Ramirez vs. Garrett Richards

I know those aren't black minis (trying to find pictures of all the black minis would be tough), but they are the base card counterparts.  If you have any kind of opinion on the above "matchups," throw your thoughts in the comments.  I'll probably listen to you.  :)

Lastly, below is a list of Allen & Ginter card #326 throughout all 11 years of its existance.  I'm completely at a loss as to what to do with this slot.  None of these cards seem iconic to me.  So we're doing a poll... over there --->

Go vote on your favorite card #326.  I'm curious as to which subject will win.  Here's the pictures in case that sways your vote.  Thanks for your help!

Chester A. Arthur

Alex Rios

Adam Kennedy

Cameron Maybin

Aaron Rowand

Jason Castro

Logan Morrison

Ruben Tejada

Mike Olt

Mitch Moreland

Peter O'Brien


  1. My love of non-baseball (and thus Ginter) is going to shine through, but here goes:
    Statue of Liberty, great card, classic design
    Will Clark, sharper looking card
    Jack the Ripper (Ginter needs to do more cards like this again)
    Dice-K (toughest matchup for me, neither are terribly appealing)
    Maroney, respect the medals
    Alou, based on card design alone
    Eiffel Tower, again non-baseball trumps!
    PT Barnum, because what's a circus without a ringleader
    Sacagawea, though a Hellicson RC isn't a bad choice
    Einstein, as a math guy this was a no-brainer
    Ramirez, sideways minis make me sad in a binder.

  2. Of those, I'd say Dice-K, McKayla (just rowr), and Einstein. Maybe Cepeda too.

  3. My votes:
    Statue of Liberty. Iconic of the country enough to appear on coinage!
    Will Clark. Better photo.
    Javy Lopez. Beats a murderer and somebody who murders TV goodness hands down.
    Matsuzaka because he looks happy to appear on the card.
    Next ones tough. Eisenhower won WWII but moroney is much better to look at. Total tossup.
    Eiffel tower. If you want iconic there is little more iconic than it.
    Pt Barnum. He would have loved the concept of blogging I think.
    Hellickson. Because nobody knows what Sacajawea really looked like because nobody thought to ever draw her.
    The next one is toughest of all. Andretti is a legend, Einstein is a legend, Rollie fingers mustache is a legend. I have to give the nod to andretti because I'm a race fan.
    Richards, because action shots are rare in a & g
    For 326 I voted for Castro because the bright red is unusual to see, most a & g cards are more subdued and pastel.

  4. In order:

    Javy Lopez
    McKayla Maroney

    I tend for baseball over all, sports over non-sports, and thought, "P.T. Barnum would have appreciated all the parallels that Topps has issued over the years."

  5. Statue of Liberty
    Will Clark
    Jack the Ripper
    Daisuke Matsuzaka
    McKayla Maroney
    Moises Alou
    Eiffel Tower
    PT Barnum
    Rollie Fingers (mostly so I have one different pick than Nachos Grande, Einstein would be a great choice)
    'Sexy' Alexei Ramirez

  6. As someone with an A&G mini set, my expert opinion:

    Statue of Liberty
    Cepeda over that whiny-ass Giant clown
    Jack the Ripper (not a great selection there)
    Vazquez (no Giants!)
    Eiffel Tower
    P.T. Barnum
    Einstein (toughest of the bunch, skipping Fingers is brutal)
    Ramirez (vertical over horizontal)
    Chester A. Arthur (ballplayers here are stiffs)

  7. I've got to go with:

    Statue of Liberty
    Jack the Ripper
    Eisenhower - hey, Maroney is cute, but I'm not American so her Olympic status doesn't cut it over Eisenhower as iconic to me
    Eiffel Tower
    Fingers - really want to go Einstein, but the iconic mustache
    Ramirez - agree with the vertical cards comments above

  8. Here is my two cents:

    Statue of Liberty (Does it get any more iconic?)
    Will Clark (Probably one of the better photos I've seen in A&G)
    Cowherd (Just for the novelty of it, I suppose. I like Cowherd--most of the time.)
    Dice-K (Not too enamored with either, so I'll go with the bigger name)
    Eisenhower (He didn't come in second, and I definitely am impressed)
    Furcal(Don't like the horizontal, but love the framing with the background)
    Moises (One of my favorites of yesteryear, and I've got a good friend named Moises)
    P.T. Barnum (such an interesting figure!)
    Sacagawea (Props to an amazing person)
    Einstein (Who doesn't love Einstein)
    Ramirez (Again, not in love with either, but he's better than Richards and, again, I don't love the horizontal)

  9. Liberty
    Dice K ( I have a Dice K black double, don't know if it's the correct year for you though)
    Rameriz Richards that's the best of all years combined? A blank may be more iconic

  10. -Statue of Liberty
    -Will Clark
    -Jack The Ripper (and I say thins in all seriousness, anyone/anything but Cowherd....the man believes Babe Ruth is an overrated player)
    -Javy Vazquez
    -Eiffel Tower
    -Garrett Richards

    I voted for Chester because history.

  11. After all your feedback (thanks!) I've decided on the following:
    Statue of Liberty
    Will Clark
    Jack the Ripper
    Eiffel Tower
    PT Barnum
    I ended up pulling some strings for this last one, going with a 2013 Gary Carter instead. He was being used in another slot which I switched to Johnny Cueto.

    Looks like Arthur is far and away the favorite for the last slot. Good to know. I'll still take more feedback on the last two undecided slots.
    Alou vs. Vazquez
    Hellickson vs. Sacagawea

    1. I'll always remember the Alous as the guys that pee on their hands so they would be tough enough to not need batting gloves. Not sure if that helps your decision one way or another.

      For Hellickson vs Sacagawea look back at your rule #3, that should make your decision for you.