Thursday, August 20, 2015

2015 Gint-A-Cuffs!!! Pack 18

Yesterday's pack was an absolute monster; let's see if we can build on that.

#52 Jake Marisnick

#101 Stephen Strasburg

Regular Back MINI - #211 Kyle Lohse - These minis have been strange.  I seem to either do exceedingly well on them or just get no points whatsoever...

SP-53 Lucas Duda +2 Starting Points

FSRA-MG Malcom Gladwell +6 Full Sized Relic Version A

Gross... Would you believe that this is the 3rd copy of this exact same relic???  I pulled one in my case and one in some of the retail I got... yuck.

#303 Denard Span

#30 Megan Kalmoe +2 FP

Pack total: 10 points
Running total: 142 points

This pack felt like a complete dud.  I guess it still got me 10 points.  Hooray for useless hits... also hooray for Megan Kalmoe being related to the Ginter Godfather.  Of note... I wonder how many favorite players I've actually acquired in this box.  I feel like they're coming every other pack.

  • Jose Bautista - yep
  • Brandon Belt - OH YEAH
  • Adrian Beltre - nope...
  • Madison Bumgarner - nope...
  • Prince Fielder - nope...
  • Cole Hamels - yep
  • Ryan Howard - yep
  • Megan Kalmoe - hooray!
  • Craig Kimbrel - sigh....
  • Jason Kipnis - yep
  • Yadier Molina - OH YEAH
  • David Ortiz - No???
  • Anthony Rizzo - nope... I pulled a rip card of you... why oh why!?!?!
  • Chris Sale - nope
  • Mike Trout - BOX TOPPER!
  • Joey Votto - yep
  • David Wright - this guy has been showing up a bunch too

So it looks like we're at 9/15.  Not too bad!  ...though I still hope a Kimbrel shows up.

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