Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Ginter Case Baseball Hits

I have quite a few trades I need to post this week, but I figured I would first round up my case of Allen & Ginter I busted almost two months ago now.  I completely forgot that I hadn't done this last post until I saw these scans sitting in my "to blog" folder.  So, without further blabbing, below you will find all my baseball hits from my 2016 Allen & Ginter case break.

This year, you were pretty much guaranteed two RIP cards instead of the normal one.  My first was a beautiful single subject card numbered to 25.  This one still resides unripped in my box of never-never land cards.

The second RIP card was this dual-subject rip numbered to 50.  I actually ended up ripping this card just the other day.  The post on that is here if you care to check it out.  I ended up with a Trout and Encarnacion extension mini which I was fairly happy with.

Here's a few of the baseball framed relics I received.  They were actually incredibly hard pulls this year.  My case yielded only four of them.  For the most part, the vast majority of boxes contained two full-sized relics and then either a framed relic or framed auto.  Clearly, the autograph rate was up this year as I received more autos than I did of these relics. 

These relic subjects certainly didn't disappoint though!  Two of the league's best hitters, a top tier pitcher, and a media icon that can't get his head out of his own ass.  I'm happy with them all!

The last few baseball hits are of the blue ink variety.  Year in and year out, Allen & Ginter always has an interesting auto list.  The non-sport subjects (most of which are usually short printed) tend to be all over the map and far as notoriety, and then the baseball subjects seem to be very random as well.  All of the baseball autos tend to be extremely hit or miss as, for some reason, Topps tends to shy away from getting auto subjects from your 2nd tier star list for this set.

Instead, they choose to short print baseball auto subjects of old-timers and superstars like Trout, Harper, Kershaw, and Bryant, and then throw in a bunch of rookie and sophomore year guys like the above.

Another rookie prospect found in the case.  This one came from the infamous #Box9.  Back when I pulled it, Peraza really hadn't seen all that much play.  He now is batting .326 in 66 games played this year.  I'd say that's doing pretty good!

The last baseball auto I received was this black framed parallel numbered 11/25 of Mets rookie Matt Reynolds.  While I'll admit I love the black frame, the auto subject doesn't do a ton for me.  As a Braves fan, I'm as close to a "Mets hater" as you can get especially since I live up in the Northeast.  I certainly don't know much about Reynolds either other than briefly looking up his stats online (hint: they aren't spectacular).

I'd be remiss if I left this last card off this post.  While I've shown it already, and it isn't exactly a hit, it seems to be a decently rare SSP that I'm going to consider part of the base set since I have it.  Honestly, if I hadn't pulled the card, I don't think I'd actively go chasing this card down, as it's a bit gimmicky to me.  I suppose if Topps feels that they have to print SSP's, then this is the way to do them.  No errors, photo variations, or a base card numbered 351 (at the end of the set).  No, make the card somewhat unique... make it feel like its not part of the base set at all, and make it a unique or differentiating subject.  I approve of this.  Not saying I'd go buy these cards, but I'm okay with it existing.

Long story short... all of the cards above are still in my possession except for two:  The double rip card has been ripped and made its way to Duane, while the Blake Snell auto went out in my Ginter Contests.

The Urias SSP is tucked neatly away in my master set binder, but everything else you see here is free game.  Give me a shout if you're looking to trade!

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