Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Gint-A-Cuffs Box Loader + Packs 1-4

I opened and scanned this box over a month ago now.  Now I get to go through it again and assign Gint-A-Cuffs points to it.  I'm not too excited about my prospective score this year.  Last year's box was definitely better.

Starting with the boxloader.  I pulled this same boxloader in my case break.  To be fair, I expected a duplicate since the boxloader set is so small this year.

Boxloader: +4 points
Box Total: 4 points

Pack #1:
Maikel Franco is somebody's FP: +1
That's a Yankee: -1
Freddie Freeman is my FP, plus that's a A&G back mini: +7
Baseball Legends are apparently worth points: +2
Pack Total: 9 points
Box Total: 13 points

Now, that would seem like a great pack... and it is.  But I assure you, we only go downhill from here.

Pack #2:
US Mayors are somehow worth: +2
Steve Kerr being Steve Kerr: +0
Rollie Fingers wore #34... I didn't know this.  That makes him worth: +2
Pack Total: 4 points
Box Total: 17 points

Pack #3:
The Market Street Cable Car is awesome.  I'd actually like to see that eventually: +2
Butt ugly inserts should not be worth: +2... but they are
Pack Total: 4 points
Box Total: 21 points

Pack #4:
Oh!  A hit!  Of a poker player?!?!?!  WTF?  Can I give myself negative points? -2
I feel like Corey Seager's RC should be worth something: +5
Same thing for a regular back mini that I didn't have: +4
Another Numbers Game card that is still worth: +2
Pack Total: 9 points
Box Total: 30 points

Trust me, the overall math is right.  I didn't cheat.  I just divided up the points the way I thought they should be.

This first post actually puts me at a rate of 6.5 points/pack which would actually surpass the current leader.  We already have our first hit though, so I'm not terribly excited about my prospects.

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