Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Gint-A-Cuffs Packs 19-24

Pack #19:
Starting off the last post with a favorite player mini: +3 (FP)
The commish says Monica Abbott is worth a point.  I suppose that should be true.  This is the type of "world champion" oddball I want in a set like this.  Heck, she just signed a contract for $1 million just a few months ago!  +1
Pack Total: 4 points
Box Total: 104.5 points

Pack #20:
The only card in the pack worth anything is the black bordered Kolten Wong: +3
Pack Total: 3 points
Box Total: 107.5 points

Pack #21:
I did a double take when I started writing about this pack.  Didn't I just write about that Bench card???  Did I really pull a duplicate insert in this box???

Nope. That is a screen grab from yesterday's post.  Uhhh.  Those cards are pretty damn close to identical.  Boo.

...and wait a second!!! Didn't I just have that same ugly insert???

Close... but also nope.  This is silly.

Regardless... the pack still nets me points.
Mini insert: +2
Ugly insert: +2
Duplicate insert: +2
The most boring six points I'll ever earn: Priceless
Pack Total: 6 points
Box Total: 113.5 points

Pack #22:
Some nice old-timers start us off but they aren't worth anythng.  Again, the only cards worth points are the inserts.
Old Faithful looking steamy: +2
My father's favorite pitcher: +2
Pack Total: 4 points
Box Total: 117.5 points

Pack #23:
Freddie Freeman base card! +4 (MY FP)
Keuchel base card: +2 (FP)
Garneau base card! +... I kid... who has a Rockie as their favorite player anyways.
A curious kitty: +2
Pack Total: 8 points
Box Total: 125.5 points

Final Pack #24:
The Yankees finally rear their ugly heads.  They are both inserts though, so we have.
Whitey: +1 (Yankee)
Mattingly: +1 (Yankee)
Pack Total: 2 points
Box Total: 127.5 points

That does it!  We did maintain our >5 per pack average (5.15 points/pack to be exact).  The 127.5 points puts me at the top of the crowd of people who didn't come close to the leaders.  Both Brad's Blog (153.5) and Community Gum (142) had some pretty insane pulls (very jealous of that JeyHey book card).

Honestly, I did quite well for what was in my box (no "wow" hits).  I think that fact that I only pulled 3 or 4 Yankees really helped a lot.  It's always fun to "judge" a box like this though!  Thanks for hosting Mark!

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