Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Gint-A-Cuffs Packs 12-18

Pack #12:
This pack somehow got away with having zero scoring cards whatsoever.
Pack Total: 0 points
Box Total: 66.5 points

Pack #13:
I very much enjoyed this pack when I opened it.  A black bordered mini of a rookie who is having a pretty damn good season.  15-9, 3.24 ERA at the time of writing this... that's an all-star caliber season he's got going.  Heck, he might even get a few head-nod Cy Young vote points at the end of the season.
Anyways, points... that Maeda also happens to be a FP: +6 (FP)
Pack Total: 8 points
Box Total: 74.5 points

Pack #14:
That guy McBeth should've been a minus points card.  Don't get me wrong, I like me some frolf (or disc golf if you prefer), but I don't want a card of that guy...
This box had far too much Jen Welter in it.  This one just so happened to be numbered so it's worth more than almost any other card in the box at: +8
Pack Total: 8 points
Box Total: 82.5 points

Pack #15:
Kluber is a FP: +2 (FP)
Doby is an insert so he's worth points (as is proper): +2
The Numbers Game showing off their catchers: +2
Teheran quietly is having one of the best 5-10 seasons a pitcher could have... how do you have a .333 winning percentage with a 3.18 ERA.  That's insane.  That's less than the Braves actual win percentage of .393.  Good luck to him next year I say: +1 (FT)
Pack Total: 7 points
Box Total: 89.5 points

Pack #16:
The color scheme actually kinda sorta works with this Natural Wonders card: +2
The guy who might give Usain Bolt (why doesn't he have a Ginter card???) a run for his money nets me: +2
Pack Total: 4 points
Box Total: 93.5 points

Pack #17:
Scott Kazmir mini is a SP: +3
Bench without the catcher's gear... boo: +2
Why is Dee Gordon of all people in this insert set?  Maybe they needed another Marlin? +2
Pack Total: 7 points
Box Total: 100.5 points

Pack #18:
Another pack with zero point cards.  At least there weren't any Yankees!
Pack Total: 0 points
Box Total: 100.5 points

As expected, our per pack average dropped a bit to 5.36 points/pack.  We're now on pace for 132.66 points which would put me squarely in third place which wouldn't be all that bad considering the state of this box.  The numbered mini and the extra two minis I have received have helped quite a bit.  I do however, expect quite a few Yankees in the final packs, so that will probably hurt.

More importantly, writing up this post made me realize how much I appreciate Julio Teheran and all that he does for the Braves even though he gets almost no run support.  I've never actually attempted collecting in this fashion, but everyone else seems to, so I think I'll try my hand at it.  I'm going to start PC'ing Julio Teheran!

I've always had a sort of unofficial PC of Smoltz because he was far and away my favorite player growing up, but I don't really physically put aside his cards into a "special place" or binder.  To be honest, my PC of Smoltz really isn't that large considering the number of his cards out there.

I think I am going to try and do Teheran the "right way"... at least for a little while just to see what it feels like.  I'll set his stuff aside... I'll spend a bit of money on him (future COMC purchase post incoming)... I'll feature a few of my favorite acquisitions on here.  We shall see!  The bottom of my want list has been updated with this fact, which leads me to: 

Send me your unwanted Julio Teheran cards.  Please?

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