Thursday, September 15, 2016

Gint-A-Cuffs Packs 5-11

Pack #5:
This pack almost got away with zero scoring cards at all, however Hank Aaron came through in the clutch and saved it for me with a very nice looking Baseball Legends insert: +3 (FT)
Pack Total: 3 points
Box Total: 33 points

Pack #6: This was an interesting pack to say the least...
Our second hit of the box yield a bat(!) piece of Buster Posey.  That's good for: +5
This pack also contained two minis back to back.  A SP mini (#348): +3
...and a A&G back mini of the same subject from last pack!!!!: +2
We round the pack up with an insert of my "real" favorite player: +3 (FT)
Pack Total: 13 points
Box Total: 46 points

Pack #7:
A point for Greeny (why no Golic???): +1
A point for a Bravo: +1 (FT)
Pack Total: 2 points
Box Total: 48 points

Pack #8:
Somehow, we've already gotten all three hits in this box.  This one is somebody's favorite player so it gets a 1.7X bonus: +8.5 
Seaver gets: +2 cause he's a fancy insert
Pack Total: 10.5 points
Box Total: 58.5 points

Pack #9:
A black mini of a rookie: +3
Another butt ugly Natural Wonder..: +2
Pack Total: 5 points
Box Total: 63.5 points

Pack #10:
This pack would've been zero points if not for the commish's ruling on The Numbers Game: +22
Pack Total: 2 points
Box Total: 65.5 points

Pack #11:
Somehow we've avoided Yankees all the way up to Pack #11.  This one I don't mind so much: -1
Oh, but George Lopez... I do mind him: -1
Frank Thomas brings us back to a zero sum: +2
...and my buddy Inciarte puts us in the green! +1 (FT)
Pack Total: 1 points
Box Total: 66.5 points

That will pretty much ice it.  We have already busted all 3 hits and we're sitting at 66.5 points.  That puts us at an average of 5.68 points per pack and puts us on a pace to hit 140 (not good enough).

Definitely not the best box I could have picked.

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