Saturday, July 14, 2018

2018 Contest of Gintery Goodness - Part 4

I am officially excited. It's been awhile since I remember being this excited about an Allen & Ginter release. The last time was probably in 2015 when Allen & Ginter X first came out and we got a whole new look to the base card.

This year has me excited for a whole different reason. The non-baseball cards; they just sound so phenomenal! First and foremost, we've finally got boxtoppers back!

A&G Natural Wonders Box Loaders Set Checklist
10 cards. Hobby only. Limited to 500 copies.
NWB-1 Big Sur
NWB-2 Mount Kilimanjaro
NWB-3 Zion National Park
NWB-4 Vatnajökull Glacier Cave
NWB-5 Amazon Rainforest
NWB-6 Na Pali Coast
NWB-7 Phang Nga Bay
NWB-8 The Antarctic
NWB-9 Banff National Park
NWB-10 Seljalandsfoss Waterfall

The past few years have seen only baseball related boxtoppers, and none of them were all that special in my opinion. This is a welcome change and I'm excited to chase after some rather large cards again.

Second, the insert minis in this year's product:

Baseball Superstitions 

Exotic Sports 

Flags of Lost Nations 

Folio of Fears

Indigenous Heroes 

Postage Required

World's Hottest Peppers 

It's really exciting when one has to internally debate, and has trouble picking which insert set will be the worst this year. I think I finally decided that, although probably fun, the World's Hottest Peppers set will cool off the fastest and won't have a great visual appeal.

Oh right, you came here for a contest.  Alright, here's the (probably) last method of entry:

Comment below with the name (or number if you're lazy) of the first card I pull of each of the above mini inserts (that means I expect seven names or numbers). I'll record the first box I open on video and give a rundown. Comment with the most correct wins one of the many Ginter prizes I'll be giving out (we'll say the tiebreaker is the Baseball Superstitions set... cause after all, this is a baseball set).

Here's a link to the Cardboard Connection checklist where you can find all the mini inserts listed.


  1. Okay, I'll bite.
    Baseball Superstitions - MBS-5 Leaping over the Foul line
    Exotic Sports - MES-16 Disc Golf
    Flags of Lost Nations - FLN-22 Texas
    Folio of Fears - MFF-8 Claustrophobia
    Indigenous Heroes - MIH-21 Jim Thorpe
    Postage Required - MPR-7 Abraham Lincoln
    World's Hottest Peppers - WHP-13 Red Savina Habanero

  2. Baseball Superstitions MBS-15 Baseball cards
    Exotic Sports MES-19 Quidditch
    Flags of Lost Nations FLN-10 Czechoslovakia
    Folio of Fears MFF-1 Arachnophobia
    Indigenous Heroes MIH-18 Hiawatha
    Postage Required MPR-8 Inverted Jenny
    World's Hottest Peppers WHP-8 Ghost Pepper

  3. Superstitions: Postseason beards
    Exotic sports: Sumo Wrestling
    Flags of Lost Nations: Ceylon
    Folio of Fears: Scotophobia
    Indigenous Heroes: Sitting Bull
    Postage Required: Declaration of Independence
    World's HOttest Peppers: Pot Douglah

  4. Baseball Superstitions - Postseason Beards

    Exotic Sports - Underwater Hockey

    Flags of Lost Nations - Siam

    Folio of Fears - Arachnophobia

    Indigenous Heroes - Ben Nighthorse Campbell

    Postage Required - Abraham Lincoln

    World's Hottest Peppers - Ghost Pepper

    I think the non-sport auto checklist is one of the stronger ones in recent memory. I need the H. Jon Benjamin!

  5. Baseball Superstitions: MBS-14 Mismatched Socks

    Exotic Sports: Cardboard Connection says this is retail only, so I'm gonna guess you don't pull any.

    Flags of Lost Nations: FLN-1 USSR

    Folio of Fears: MFF-4 Aviophobia

    Indigenous Heroes: MIH-4 Chief Seattle

    Postage Required: MPR-10 Swedish Three Skilling Banco Yellow

    World's Hottest Peppers: WHP-3 Trinidad Moruga Scorpion

  6. Baseball Superstitions - MBS-11 Curse of the Bambino

    Exotic Sports -MES-6 Sumo Wrestling

    Flags of Lost Nations - FLN-23 Vermont

    Folio of Fears - MFF-2 Acrophobia

    Indigenous Heroes - MIH-8 Black Hawk

    Postage Required - MPR-15 Post Office Mauritius

    World's Hottest Peppers - WHP-9 Komodo Dragon

  7. Baseball Superstitions: MBS-6 Pre-Game Meal
    Exotic Sports: MES-24 Redbull Flugtag
    Flags of Lost Nations: FLN-21 Hawaii
    Folio of Fears: MFF-9 Phasmophobia
    Indigenous Heroes: MIH-1 Mangas Coloradas
    Postage Required: MPR-12 British Guiana Magenta
    World's Hottest Peppers: WHP-7 Naga Viper

  8. I'm being lazy, guessing random numbers:
    Baseball Superstitions: MBS-3
    Exotic Sports: MES-12
    Flags of Lost Nations: FLN-15
    Folio of Fears: MFF-1
    Indigenous Heroes: MIH-3
    Postage Required: MPR-9
    World's Hottest Peppers: WHP-4

  9. Baseball Superstitions : 13 - Lucky Jersey Numbers

    Exotic Sports : 18 - Ultimate (or nothing, b/c Retail)

    Flags of Lost Nations : 16 - Rhodesia

    Folio of Fears : 7 - Coulrophobia

    Indigenous Heroes : 13 - Sacajawea

    Postage Required : 1 - Hawaiian Missionaries

    World's Hottest Peppers : 2 - Carolina Reaper