Monday, July 9, 2018

2018 Contest of Gintery Goodness - Part 2

So part 1 of this contest was not quite what I hoped, but that's understandable as I simply haven't posted in a while. Currently RAZ leads all comers in the World Cup pick'em with just four games remaining. In the mean time, we'll keep on trucking with part two of the contest. Again, Ginter seemed to do some weird things with inserts this year, so I can't really finalize prizes until we get a released checklist. Expect it to be similar to years' past (20152016, and 2017).

This particular contest has been a favorite of mine
a simple, yet creatively cleaver design.
I tell you all to pick with your heart
the player of which Topps is likely to start.
Last year I somehow foreshadowed the pick
naming all the star Cubs did the trick.
This year could prove a bit more tricky
after the Astros won the World Series
Will Topps honor Houston and go with José,
or will another be chosen in an attempt to downplay?
You decide! After all, that's the point of this game,
Pick #1 and win all the acclaim!

Here's all the number #1's from previous years. Comment with your answers below. The person who comments first and gets it right will win, so I would suggest not duplicating answers. For this contest, you can provide an answer once every 24 hours (simply comment again). I know A&G comes out next Wednesday, so hopefully this isn't too late and we don't have a situation where the checklist comes out this afternoon (or something like that). Regardless, good luck!  More to come!

2018: ???
2017: Kris Bryant
2016: Jorge Soler
2015: Madison Bumgarner
2014: Roger Maris
2013: Miguel Cabrera
2012: Albert Pujols
2011: Carlos Gonzalez
2010: Adam Lind
2009: Jay Bruce
2008: Alex Rodriguez
2007: Ryan Howard
2006: Albert Pujols


  1. Replies
    1. Wow, the first guess wins it! The checklist is out now.

    2. Sweet! Thanks! I just had a gut feeling with his popularity

  2. The correct answer likely has already been said, but I'll try Mookie Betts.

    1. And for my second guess, how about Luis Severino.

  3. I'll be a little surprised if it's not Ohtani or Judge.

    Meanwhile I will select Harper.

  4. I'll go with Kershaw for my 2nd guess.

  5. I'll go with Aaron Nola for my second guess.

    1. In the vein of Adam Lind being card #1 awhile back, exactly. Plus, the usual suspects have all been mentioned already ;)

  6. Let's go trea turner. Doesn't seem like they feature the stars too often at 1