Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Gintery Contest #3 Results!

Contest #3 is in the books!  I asked you all to number the non-baseball hits that I'd pull in this year's Allen and Ginter.  I was unable to find any retail near me by this deadline (of today) so it ended up being my case and the one Gint-a-Cuffs box.

Here's my non-baseball hits!

We start off with two relics.  One of a guy from "Field of Dreams," a movie that I've seen at least 5 times but could have never told you the name of this actor.  The other is of a boxer I know very little about, but he's apparently pretty good... meh.

Two more relics to make four.  Both of these I have zero interest in.  Though, I must say, that blue is mighty vibrant and I appreciate that.

Taking a break from relics and jumping over to two of my autographs from my case break.  Ari Shaffir is a comedian that I've never heard of.  To be fair, I really haven't heard of many comedians at all.  The only time I ever listen to comedy is if a random YouTube search brings me to it.

To date I've heard of and listened to the following comedians (more known for stand-up than for acting... the first two are borderline for this criteria):
Jerry Seinfeld - he's okay...
Bill Cosby - I enjoyed him up until his little... incident
Jeff Dunham - I find him to be above average and greatly applaud him for his completely insane talent of ventriloquy
Gabriel Iglesias - I find him to be completely unbearable
Brian Regan - I found him funny in high school... not so much anymore
John Pinette - This guy has my single favorite stand-up routine I've ever listened to (admittedly not a whole lot).  But if you think food is a funny subject and you have an hour, then enjoy.

Otherwise, I'm not very impressed with comedians and I really don't appreciate the recent trend of cornucopias of them showing up in Ginter product.  Oh well.

The other auto is of Vinny G.  He's from Jersey Shore.  Enough said... and yes, I had to look that up.

Hits numbers 7 and 8 bring us back to relics... and oh, looky that.  ANOTHER COMEDIAN.  Boo.

I did know who Steinberg was before writing this simply because I follow sports, but I don't really want a piece of his shirt.

Hit 9 comes from the only guy to beat Joey Chesnut at stuffing food down one's gullet.  Good for him!  I hope that blue is stained with mustard.

Hit number 10 I already showed off once, but it is that of an Ancient Roman coin.  Wooo!

Lookie here!  Did we ever hit it big with this one!  The last non-baseball hit from the case was an autograph of olympian Micheal Phelps!  I was definitely pumped when this came out of the pack.  After Sharapova got suspended for the year, either Costner or this Phelps auto became THE non-baseball auto to hit from this product.  Very happy with this pull.

But wait!  Not done yet!  We still have my Gint-a-Cuffs box.  That box yielded 1 non-baseball hit.  I'm not going to show it here, because that would spoil the fun.  Plus, it could influence Mr. Commish on his scoring.  We don't want to do that.

That means... the winner of this year's Gintery Contest #3 is he who guessed 12 hits!

One person guessed the number 12.

Congratulations to this year's winner!

Wilson (Tenets of Wilson)

You can expect an e-mail tomorrow with prize details!

For those of you who didn't win, remember to watch the Cubs and White Sox tonight!  ...and if you haven't gotten in on the fun yet, YOU STILL CAN!


  1. Yay winner!!!!

    If you are willing to give an hour of your time, give a watch on Netflix of John Mulaney "The Comeback Kid". It's pretty funny.

  2. You actually got a Roman coin! Nice! It looks like it is from Constantine or one of his sons. Kind of hard to tell with part of the wording obscured and in lower condition to begin with. First time I've actually seen one on any of the blogs. Pretty good first post for me to read, I just learned of your existence tonight.