Friday, April 14, 2017

The Post that was Already Completed

Peter over at Baseball Every Night just had his one-year anniversary the other day and he asked people to write a post about their favorite card of their favorite player.  I have a problem though... I kinda just did that two weeks ago.

I thought about moving on to Julio Teheran and showcasing my favorite card of the younger Braves ace, but the truth is that Smoltzy will always be my favorite player to watch and remember.  That means you get to see this glorious card again!

You can read all about how and when I acquired it from that post two weeks ago (and how John sent me an upgrade!).  I suppose to avoid this post being a complete cop-out, I'll throw up one of my favorite cards of another former Brave pitcher featured in the above card.

Would you really expect anything else?  ...and I'm not even a big hockey fan.

Congrats on the first year Peter!


  1. Hi Matt! I'm Peter... I don't know you, but I really appreciate this post. Who's the geriatric guy sitting down in that first card show? The hockey card is really sweet, too. Thanks for participating in the contest!

    1. Hi Peter! I'm Matt... that geriatric guy... it's John Kruk, only younger and not fat. :D