Tuesday, September 15, 2015

I get Cardboard in the Morning, and in the Afternoon, it Looks Like This!

Contrary to what my blog seems to suggest, I've been extremely active with my baseball collection over the past month.  I've been making quite a number of trades, though many of them have been coming from outside of the blogging universe.  I haven't posted about many (read: any) of them because they are all strictly for set building and there's only so many things you can do with these types of trades.  Coming up with creative ways to spin them can get fairly difficult.

I decided simply to forgo posting about those trades and instead have been working tirelessly at trying to keep my have/want list accurate.  I have been unsuccessful...

I have, however recently made three trades with fellow bloggers and I do want to try and showcase those a bit because each one of them made my day in all sorts of different ways when I got home to a full mailbox.

Today's trade features cards from Tim of I Love the Smell of Cardboard in the Morning.

This trade took place over two separate envelopes and included a vast quantity of set building needs.  The first envelope featured 40 or so Bowman cards from this year's set, and the second contained a smattering of Bowman, some Topps Chrome, and some random Ginter from across the years.

I took Tim's package down to my scanner and scanned a bunch of my favorite cards.  I realized while writing this post up that the scans don't even come close to representing what he sent me.  I think I ended up scanning every single Ginter card, two Bowman cards, and zero Topps Chrome cards... what can I say...

I am getting fairly close to finishing this year's mini inserts!

I didn't even realize that I still had 2009 Bowman on my want list.  I bought a lot of it 6 years ago.  Not sure why though... it's pretty ugly.  Oh, and there's almost no one of note in the entire set.  I'm still going to try and finish it at this point because I think I'm only 9 cards away from completing it all.

I'm extremely grateful to Tim for this card.  These retail only inserts are getting harder and harder to find and now I have 8 of the 10 from 2013 and I haven't had to buy one individually yet!

As I said before, this is an extremely poor representation of what Tim actually sent me.  Whenever you get close to 100 cards directly from your want list, its an exciting day.  What isn't exciting is afterwards... when you have to go through said want list and cross them all off.

Yep... that still needs to be done.  Sigh.


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  1. Glad everything arrived safely Matt. I hope this comes close to leveling our trade a bit, I promise I'll have a post up about what you sent me in the near future. Thanks for a great trade!