Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Allen & Ginter X Box 3!

Same deal.  Video here.  Scans below.

I was extremely happy with the regular back minis this time around.  Some really good pitching in the mix today along with the Cubs "other" rookie Jorge Soler.

These three are all dupes.  They're now on the Trade Bait page.

I think I enjoy this Bobby Jenks buyback more than any other buyback I've gotten (except the Shelby Miller RC black buyback).  I think a lot of it has to do with how entertaining he is to look at and then remembering how he pitched just like he looked... frightening.

A&G back minis.  Bleh.

I said this in the video, but I think I have to reiterate it here... This is the 4th copy of this exact same Malcolm Gladwell relic.  They're all boring white fabric too... anyone want one???  One can hope... 

More silver minis!  This time we got two which is good.  More Diamondbacks though.  Been on a crazy spree on hit rare parallel Diamondbacks.  I've found a couple people who PC Goldschimdt, but have yet to find anyone who actually collects the team.

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