Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Cards on Cards Yield some Braves on Cards

Oh, do we have a smorgasbord of cards to show off today.  Kerry of Cards on Cards contacted me about having some Bowman set building help for me and that sparked trade talk.  Kerry also sent me some other set building help (a couple Ginter cards and some Topps Chrome).  However, I particularly enjoyed the big ol' team bag full of Braves that he included.

I'm not very much of a team collector...

I enjoy parallels, weird cards, and numbered nonsense just as much as the next collector.  When I pull these kinds of things, I enjoy it even more when the cards feature Braves.  So when Kerry sent me a bunch of Braves that barely contained any base cards of any set, I was extremely happy.

I scanned all my favorites and plopped them on this blog.  I left them in the order that they're named which happens to generally by player's last name, so we'll run with that.

Unfortunately, that puts one of my favorite cards (above) near the top of this post.  This is simply an absolutely phenomenal picture that Topps chose for this card.  I love that Heyward is like "Dude, Mike... you don't need to jump for this... I'm all over it."

Ok... so Kerry did send me a couple "base" cards.  In fact, I'm pretty sure he sent me quite a few, but when they come from sets like Bowman's Best and Sweet Spot not many people are readily going to have these sticking around.  I certainly don't.

Full bleeds are awesome.  I kinda miss Upper Deck.

Kerry sent me two of these 2013 Topps Stickers.  They're smaller than normal cards which makes them obnoxious to store.  Because of that I decided to find out if they were actually stickers and tried to peel them.  I couldn't do it.  So I'm not actually sure if its really a sticker or not.  *Frustrated*

I got a relic of a former star in the making... who got fat.  He had so much going for him before his move away from Atlanta.  I still like the card though, which I think is mostly due to the fact the card is purple and numbered out of 75.

Speaking of PURPLE!!!  This is pretty sweet!  Oh, and it's shiny.  People should keep sending me purple cards.  I really like them.

If I remember correctly, this is a 2013 Topps flagship insert?  Apologies if I'm incorrect.  It's a Kimbrel and it's not a base card.  I come from a family that has a wonderfully entertaining habit of sticking out one's tongue when concentrating... like so.  I like it.

More Bowman's Best.  This time the Mad Dog.

The other sticker.  ...that doesn't actually seem to be a sticker.

Another picture of the Yankee traitor.

I probably owned this card at one point in my life, but I tried to rid myself of much of the junk wax that was floating around in my collection.  I can't stand clutter (at least within my baseball card collection), so this card was probably overlooked.  Either way, I have found new appreciation for this card.  The back of this card is particularly entertaining as it describes the odd scorer's decision behind the no-no.

It currently stands as one of eleven combined no-hitters in MLB history.

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