Monday, August 3, 2015

Case Review Part 3: Minis!

Again, we'll start off with the "slightly less silly than yesterday" 10th anniversary buybacks.  These are only slightly less silly simply because they're framed.  Frames make them feel special.  I feel I'm being duped...

There's some cool ones in there including two Lords of Olympus inserts, but the only one I plan on keeping is that Shelby Miller RC.  I was more than happy with that one.

I can already tell that this post is going to be obnoxiously long today simply by the number of scans I have set aside for it, so I'm going to try to be a bit more concise than I normally am.

We'll start with some of the better minis I pulled.  I opened up the one pack of 5 red minis and regretted doing it.  There's really not much there as far as stars, and the Magna Carta might be my least favorite inanimate object gracing Allen & Ginter this year.  I suppose Todd Frazier is having an above average year...

We also somehow pulled 3 NNO minis (usually limited to 50) and 2 A&G Flag Back minis /25.  This is quite a bit above average from what I've seen, but I also didn't pull any other type of mini (cloth, wood, metal, ect) so overall I was slightly disappointed.  I do realize that I now own a fairly low numbered Trout card (6/25) which is beyond awesome, but I'll probably need to sell it to recoup some losses.  It probably ended up being the best card I pulled from the case aside from perhaps the rip card.

The case I broke had no problems with missing or doubled up minis in its packs so I ended up with exactly 288.  Here's the breakdown I received (plus the 5 rarer minis above):

A&G Back: 61 (4 SP)
Black: 29 (2 SP)
Regular back Minis: 133 (7 doubles) (21 SP)
Mini Inserts: 59 (5 doubles)

The one black bordered mini of interest I pulled was of Mr. Kris Bryant!  That was quite exciting when he came sliding out of the pack.  I also managed to pick up 3 mini insert case hits instead of the usual 2 which was possibly even more exciting as I'll be actively pursuing these two sets and the minis can go for up to $10 a pop! 

The rest is mostly going to be pictures... mini inserts.  I'll give you one from each set so you can be judgmental.  I will probably make snide comments about a couple of them in the meantime.

They made a Blackbeard card.  Enough said.

I chose this guy because my sister went to college at PBA (Palm Beach Atlantic) and the Flagler mansion/museum is quite literally right across the street from where she lived... except imagine the street as being a small waterway or inlet type thing instead of an actual street.

This set is awesome.  Gather all the pranksters and put them together.  Sounds like my life.

I would've featured the red-tailed hawk because I see them all the time where I live, but I think I might have already featured that card on this blog at one point.

This card is miscut, but it got chosen for the card back and for having the most entertaining blurb of an otherwise bore-some blurby set.

I think I'm looking forward to completing this set the most out of any of these.  Mostly because Nachos Grande seems to be pulling all the cards from this set that I haven't seen yet and I really like them.  Butterfly, honeybee, praying mantis, ladybug, even the assassin bug is cool.  Meanwhile, I got stuck with the likes of the Death's Head Hawkmoth, the Deer Tick, the Goliath Beetle, and the Madagascar Hissing Cockroach.  

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