Friday, August 14, 2015

2015 Gint-A-Cuffs!!! Pack 7

#20 Leonys Martin

#122 Jesse Hahn

#19 Charlie Blackmon

SP-82 Jason Heyward +2 Starting Points, +1 FT

Black Bordered MINI - #17 Yadier Molina +3 Black Border, +3 FP

Thank you St. Louis Cardinals' Cardboard for participating this year.  I believe you've single-handedly netted me 8 points with your favorite player.  I might have to send you all these Yadi's after I'm done... I certainly don't need 'em.

AGA-WCS Willie Cauley-Stein +7 framed mini autograph

This is pretty awesome.  While his auto doesn't seem to be doing super-well on the secondary market right now, this is one that might be worth a fortune later on.  I believe this is one of the harder autos to pull, but I also could be very wrong.  Either way, I'm pretty happy... much more happy than the measly 7 points I get for this card... com'mon! :p

#182 Todd Frazier

Pack total: 16 points
Running total: 68 points

Our big hit has come and gone.  From my experience opening a case of this stuff, you're pretty much guaranteed to get one of each type of full sized relic.  Your last hit will then vary from an auto, to a mini relic, to a rip card, or something more special.  So I'm not holding out much hope for this box as I'm probably going to net 12 points with my last two hits (maybe a few more with a multiplier thrown in).  I suppose I have to hope for some really sweet minis to get my point total going.  Oh wait, I got one in this pack right here!!! Keep on coming Yadi!

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