Thursday, August 13, 2015

2015 Gint-A-Cuffs!!! Pack 4 + CONTEST RESULTS!!!

#252 Mike Trout +2 FP

#90 Darren Rovell - Ah, here it is... finally.  The second non-baseball base card hits none of the 5 contestants yet again.  Since this was the final piece of the puzzle we were waiting for I'm going to post the full contest results right now!  ...well, after we finish the pack that is.

#190 Michael Bourn

WOULD-10 Lunar Colonization +2 What Once Would Be

A&G Back MINI - #275 Billy Hamilton +2 A&G Back

#308 David Freese

#55 Jonah Keri

#201 Joe Buck -1 because he works for Fox Sports instead of ESPN.

Oh! RAZ just missed out!  I wouldn't feel too sorry for him though.  He got revenge by giving me minus a point for pulling his card.  He also happened to win one of my other 5 contests!

Pack total: 5 points
Running total: 41 points

Another 5 point pack.  Not too shabby I suppose... better than 2 points.

Contest #1 (a randomized drawing): I took all 15 entrants and gave them a number based on the order in which they posted. 3 times yielded #7 which belongs to JediJeff over at 2 X 3 Heroes.  Congratulations!

Contest #2 (first non-baseball base card): Revealed above, we had no winner.  :(

Contest #3 (A&G insert set rankings):  There were 12 freebies and all 5 entrants got the these 12.  Four out of the five entrants guessed exactly one more insert set correctly.  The fifth entrant guessed two and had a grand total of 14 correct!  That honor goes to blog reader Jerold Irabagon!

Contest #4 (send something to my friend): No one sent stuff to my friend (perfectly fine).  I knew this was going to be the contest with the least participation going into it.  If you happened to send something and it didn't get there for some reason, let me know and I'll inquire further.

Contest #5 (riddle): I honestly wish that this contest in particular had more participants.  I realize I probably stink at writing riddles, but I still thought this one was going to be the most fun.  Oh well, we had 3 participants (one didn't quite follow the rules and e-mailed me his guess).  Here they are.

RAZ - 37
Jerold Irabagon - 44
Nachos Grande - 52

The riddle had you give me the total number of Braves I pulled at-bat plus the number of missing mini inserts after the case and this Gint-A-Cuffs box was ripped.

There are 3 base cards of Braves "at-bat".  Bethancourt, Freeman, and Simmons.  There is also one more in the Starting Points insert set of Heyward.  In these 13 boxes I pulled 5, 6, and 5 of the base cards and an additional 2 Heyward inserts.  That total comes to 18.

I asked you to take that number and add it to the number of missing mini inserts.  That number currently stands at 52 (before fully sorting through this Gint-A-Cuffs box).  We pulled 5 mini inserts so at most, the number goes down to 47 which is still more than enough to declare Nachos Grande the winner!

Contest #6 (write about a pack of A&G): This post by RAZ had me rolling.  I enjoyed everything about it from his story, to his pack (and hit), to his review... Taylor Swift was just a bonus.  Thus The RAZ Card Blog is the winner of Contest #6!

There you have it!  Winners will have to get back to me about what they want for prizes.  The order of choice is:

  • Nachos Grande
  • RAZ Card Blog
  • Jerold Irabagon
  • JediJeff - 2 X 3 Heroes
I have all your e-mails except for JediJeff's, but I think I can find his.  I'll shoot you all an e-mail ASAP.

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