Wednesday, July 15, 2015

This is an exciting time of year for me. Particularly this year.

This is an exciting time of year for me.  Particularly this year.

All kinds of wonderful (The Drifters anyone???) have been happening these last two weeks and we aren't even close to done.

To start off, I haven't been around because I've been vacationing in the Outer Banks.  This included, but was not limited to, eating lots of seafood, playing many board games, finding out my body doesn't particularly enjoy being forced to ingest copious amounts of "natural fruit smoothies," playing texas hold 'em in a pool (bets were in the form of belly flops), running uphill through the finest sand I've ever seen in order to fly stunt kites, and recreating the main tourist attraction of Egypt (complete with human flesh!).

Here we have the friend that I had the pleasure of burying getting out of the sphinx that we created for him.  This was the only picture I personally took of the "incident," but it definitely looked really awesome while his arms were all buried and he was relaxed.

Obviously, I wasn't going to take precious time out of sweltering in the NC heat to write blog posts, but I was able to keep up with the reading and following others out there.

Other fun things!  As of last week, I was promoted within my department at ESPN, so I also was busy trying to reorganize my upcoming schedule.  I'm very excited for the extra responsibility I'll now have and am very grateful for the opportunity.

EVEN MORE AWESOME THINGS!  I came home to no less than 3 trade packages waiting for me and I was more than happy with all of them.  I got a set completion package, a Munnatawket mini package, and a package that included my first* vintage cards.  I feel so behind as far as trade posts.  We'll get to them soon though...

You know it.  One week.  

Speaking of A&G, it looks like a preliminary checklist has been released here.  A couple observations:  

We have some duplicate number base cards.  Ryan Cracknell said he contacted Topps about these (in the comments) as if he thought this might be an error.  I would tend to think not... this seems right up A&G alley as far as silly things they like doing with their base set.  meh.

Set I'm most excited for: Birds of Prey
Set I'm least excited for: First Ladies

This was already true before I saw this checklist.  Both of these sets were on the sell sheet.  Now I find out that the birds only have 10 cards and First Ladies have a whopping 41... uggggg.

The auto/relic list:  While this really isn't the reason I open/collect Ginter, I am at least curious.  The non-sport list has almost nothing I'm looking forward to.  There are tons of comedians and sports writers/reporters (both of which aren't things I particularly enjoy).  Probably the only non-sport auto/relic I'd be interested in would be of Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul.  I haven't even finished watching the show, but I do think he's talented.

As far as the baseball stuff, we're looking good, and I'm pretty sure every baseball auto list this year looks good.  The rookies this year are simply off the charts, so while you can still absolutely strike out (Red Sox fans... who the heck is Bryce Brentz???), there are still far more opportunities than usual to make some money on this product if that's what you're after.

Buybacks.  EWWWW.  Why stamp perfectly good cards.  GAHHH!  Anyways, I already wasn't a fan of the stamped buybacks Topps has been doing for old flagship stuff... but now for cards that are only 10 years old... at most???  I don't get it.  I already have complete sets of those, I don't want more.  

So I don't end on a bad note I shall add one more brief paragraph that highlights the vast amount of excitement I have currently boiled up in my nether regions.  I have 2 cases of this stuff coming to me next week.  One is absolutely all mine.  The other will be used for a variety of things including gifts, Gint-A-Cuffs, and perhaps some boredom breaking as well.

Also, I will absolutely being hosting some contests revolving around this Ginter release in which I plan to give out a complete base set, some hits, and who knows what else, so stayed tuned for those!

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