Friday, July 17, 2015

2015 Topps Allen & Ginter: Contest #5

DEADLINE: 7/21/15

For this trial only one must write their answer below
and the king will be chosen as the famous game show.
Two things you must combine to succeed at this task,
and both will be discovered when my case is unmasked.
First number the cards, be they pirates, ladies, or hawks,
that are not in the case, or the one Gint-a-Cuffs box.
For the second simply add this figure to that
Look for the total number of Braves I pull at bat.
When you have that count, care it is not already taken
All posts must be unique and secondary ones are forsaken.

It is important that I again note what I collect for this particular contest.  Main set, all insert sets, regular backed minis.

  1. To enter any of these contests you must e-mail me the following information.  My e-mail address will be provided in the excel sheet below.
    1. Your name and mailing address.
    2. Your favorite baseball team (if you have one).
    3. The below excel sheet attached to that e-mail with your submissions.
  2. If you win any of the contests, you will be entitled to pick a prize from the list on the first contest post.  I will reach out to you for that information on or around August 1st.  
  3. The order in which winners pick their prizes will be determined by the number of people participating in the individual contest.  Those with the least participation will pick first.
  4. The deadline for all of these contests is July 29th, unless explicitly stated otherwise.
  5. There may be a few contests that simply don't have a winner.
  6. Have fun!

Here's the aforementioned excel sheet.  You should be able to submit answers to most of the contests with this.  If you struggle with excel, or for any reason need/want to submit your answers in a different way, I'm sure we can work something out.