Monday, June 22, 2015

Wonderful Weekend Wangles!

Technically the first of these isn't from this weekend.  I actually received them this Tuesday, but "wangles" was a word I could not pass up using.

Anywho, I work very part-time at my LCS (we're talking about 4 hours a week) and I basically take the money I earn there and throw it right back at the store owner, and there you have it... my baseball card budget.  It works out very nicely.  About $30 bucks a week to spend on cards, and if I ever cover a few vacation hours for him, I get to spend a bit more.  I enjoy the customers too which is good.

A while back I had asked the store owner to poke around his distributor and see if they had any of these 2014 Allen & Ginter binders floating around for a reasonable price.  I asked him to pick one up for me and I just received it this Tuesday.

I was very surprised at the quality.  I've seen and worked with themed binders in the past and there is always something wrong with them.  Some are flimsy, others simply tear apart at the binding with just a slight touch, still others have mechanical issues with the actual binder itself (like the metal part... no idea what its called).  This binder seemed to have none of those problems and looks nice to boot!

To be honest though, the binder was not obtained for the sake of the binder.  What we wanted were the exclusive mini cards that lay hidden within its depths.  The Topps ploy of the year (though admittedly not nearly as bad as this month's Archives SP's) involved insert sets that could not be completed unless you specifically purchased multiples of these binders.  Eww.  Here's the 3 minis I received.

What this scan doesn't show is the fact that I got DOUBLES of each of these in the binder.  I haven't seen other people open these binders, but the sell sheet clearly says to expect 3 unique minis... not 6.  So that's cool.  They sell pretty well on EBay too.  They're for trade if someone else is anal about their insert sets (I'm looking at you Chris...).

Said store owner is actually going to physically be at the distributor this week and he said he'll see if he can find another binder that has the other 3 minis I'm missing.  That's not cheating, is it??? :p

I also picked up some 2015 Bowman retail this weekend.  I absolutely love this year's base design so I'll be attempting to complete the 3 base sets.  I think I'm at the point where I'm going to stop buying the stuff and just try and trade for the rest, so I'll be getting a want list together hopefully this afternoon or tomorrow afternoon.  We'll see how tired I am after work today.

I opened 2 Wal-Mart retail packs (the big bricks of 40+ cards for 10 bucks), and 2 Target rack packs? (the packs with 3 packs inside... so 6 total I suppose).  They yielded a bunch of base cards I needed, a couple semi-decent inserts that I didn't bother scanning, and one autograph.

It's a sticker auto which seems strange to me for Bowman and its also on a paper card instead of chrome.  It actually took away quite a bit of the joy from opening an autograph in the first place.  I also have zero clue who this guy is (Luis Guillorme if you can't read it), but I suppose that's fairly typical for Bowman.

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