Saturday, May 30, 2015

Marketing for a Menagerie of Minis

The second of two Zistle trades from this past week involved far more cards than the first.  We were still both able to fit all of the cards in question into the small variety of the padded envelope.  Cheaper shipping!  This is because the vast majority of the trade was mini cards!  Here’s most of what Brian sent me:

That’s a lot of minis!!!  Most of the above is actually trade bait for those looking to complete mini insert sets, but there were also a handful that I still needed that went into binders.

Normally I wouldn’t go into what I traded away as I don’t really see the point.  You’re giving away cards… so you no longer have them.  Why would one bother writing about them?  In this case, I feel I must highlight one of the most unique want lists I’ve ever encountered.  And I love it.

Brian and I started talking trade over Zistle simply because he seemed to have quite a few cards I needed for set building.  I asked him to provide some details on what he was looking for and he seemed to pick out some cards for player collections and some for sets… just to give you an idea, he got some Machado rookies, Nolan Ryans, and Bo Jacksons (all A&G style of course… would you expect anything less?).  He also picked out some mini World Leaders from 2008.

Okay… nothing super out of the ordinary yet.

Upon the continuation of our trade discussion, it was realized that I needed to provide more cards.  I pointed Brian to my relic and auto collection and he picked out...

**not actual card. I stole this from Zistle cause I don't have the card anymore...

That would be none other than Miss USA Erin Brady.  Interesting choice.  Increasingly interesting is the 6 or 7 parallel (A&G back or black bordered) minis he picked out from my collection of various Ginter Gals including another Brady, Chanel, Bonnie Bernstein, McKayla Maroney, and a few more.  This is awesome.  I’ve never really thought about it very much but Allen & Ginter certainly does feature a decent amount of women in their sets.  I would expect that more than just Brian collects them.  I do wonder which was Brian’s favorite…

In any case, Brian sent me a few more cards that I wanted to highlight.  The first two being from the Co¿nc?dence set (another retail only set, but not nearly as difficult as the previous World’s Biggest set).

These are absolutely some of my favorite full-sized inserts that A&G has come up with.  I love the content on the backs as I’ve learned something new and exciting with every new card I’ve read.

Brian also sent me mini inserts of the more rare variety as well.  A case hit, a half case hit (about), and one of the World Leaders cards he sent my way just to fill up space on the scanner!

I think I just enjoy Mr. Kikwete staring at me.

Thanks Brian!  Fun trade!

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