Thursday, May 3, 2018

Cards Delivered Just Over the Wall

Another long overdue trade post!  This one featuring Shane of Off the Wall.  In fact, Shane just recently threw up a very rare post regarding interesting 80's cards.  Go check it out if you haven't seen it.  In any case, I threw Shane some Red Sox a while back and this is what I got in return.

Naturally, we have to start out the post with some more miscut vintage.  As I mentioned before, I certainly don't mind getting stuff like this.  It means I know they're real and I have no intentions of ever building out these complete sets, so miscut versions are just fine!

Shane came up big with some random mini needs from A&G sets between 2009-2012.  That T-Rex looks nothing like any image of a T-Rex I've ever seen... granted, nobody really knows exactly what they looked like.  I think I once heard some paleontologist suggest that these big carnivores were actually quite brightly colored, similar to a woodpecker, or other male bird.

More insert needs!  As suggests from the last few posts, this trade occurred quite some time ago.  It simply was the next post in my drafts folder.  What makes it really strange is that just yesterday Shane reached out to me via my relatively inactive Twitter account and asked me about the start of another trade.  I promise this wasn't planned.

Some base mini needs were included in the package as well.  I picked out the two best pitchers in the lot to showcase.  Shane also included a black mini of Frank Thomas for my frankenset which is slowly making progress!

From two great pitchers, to possibly the best of the modern baseball era.  I'm certainly not anywhere close to completing this parallel code-card set, but this was certainly a big one to cross off the list.

Finally a SP need from 2016 Heritage and a really fun back to the 1996 Fleer Ultra John Smoltz.  Love it!  Great stuff Shane!

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  1. Shane has a wealth of resources when it comes to sending just the right cards! Set help is always appreciated!