Tuesday, September 12, 2017

A Very Special Gavin

A long while back, Gavin of Baseball Card Breakdown sent me a great trade package that I highlighted here.  In the post I mentioned that there was a card I would talk about later.  Today is the later date I chose.  That's because yesterday the Missoula Osprey ended their season with a 5-8 loss to the Great Falls Voyagers in the semifinals of the Pioneer League playoffs.

This single remaining card was one of Gavin's famed customs and featured a very special Missoula Osprey.  My cousin: Gavin Stupienski.

Gavin had posted about a number of new players also named Gavin that had been drafted and I reached out to him letting him know that I could probably get my cousin to send him something.  Well, Gavin (of the Baseball Card Breakdown variety) took it a step further and made a full blown custom of Mr. Stupienski.  Above is how the card originally came packaged featuring Gavin playing for the Hillsboro Hops (a team he's ironically only played one game for).

My task was to send these out and get them signed.  Extras were graciously included which I know were sent around the family and were greatly enjoyed.  I got one back too, signed in unique purple ink!

Gavin didn't get a whole lot of playing time until the end of the season this year as he was a bit pigeon-holed behind Andy Yerzy (a second round draft pick from Canada).  Gavin's strength has always been his bat, and I'm proud to say that when he did get in towards the end of the year he did pretty well for himself sporting a .359/.409/.590 slash line as a DH/C.

I haven't talked to him since around mid-season so I'm not currently aware of what his plans are for the fall/winter season, but I wish him the best in his grind.  I know he's a hard worker and I truly hope he succeeds!  Thanks again Gavin for making these awesome customs.  I know you made both his and my day!

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  1. Glad you all liked the cards! Very happy that custom project worked out so well.

    Nice to see he put up good numbers this season and hope he can continue building off that next year.