Tuesday, August 29, 2017

2017 Allen & Ginter Case Break Recap: Part 1

It's been quite some time since I broke into the first pack of my case of 2017 Allen & Ginter.  I recorded all my box breaks and threw them up on YouTube in case you're interested, but they're quite long and not really the best quality either, so I wanted to provide some scans here of what I actually got.

I wanted to do it a bit differently this year... meaning these posts.  So today's post will cover the hits I got that are already out the door.  Yep, these cards have unfortunately been traded, sold, or given away in the past month already.  You can expect trade bait in my next post if that's what you're looking for.

These first two full-sized relics went out to a Yankee fan from some random Facebook group I'm in.  It's a pretty good starting point as these aptly showcase the two different full-sized relic styles in this year's set.  Back when they started inserting these full-sized relics as hits in 2013 I absolutely hated them.  They were quite boring looking cards that essentially mimicked the base card design and added a scrap of cloth.  It was even more disappointing when Topps decided to produce two different full-sized relics and basically now guarantee one of each in every box (odds are 1:24 for both designs).  This makes it so that you only get one "real" hit (at least in my opinion) in each hobby box.

2017 was made slightly better by the change in design of these basic relics.  They're different and original which really helps feel like you've pulled something worth calling 'a hit'.  I appreciate that.  While I still don't really have a desire to collect these, I applaud the improvement and encourage more use of frilly plant like things... like on the Sanchez.

Here's yet another full-sized relic, but its quite different in that its serially numbered and features subject from the World Baseball Classic.  This was given away as part of a prize in my contests.

A few things about this card.  First, this (along with another you'll see tomorrow) counted as the "third category" type hit.  So the box it came in produced three full-sized relics as its hits.  Super disappointing.  Second, this design stinks... really stinks.  It's extremely boring and the blocky square cut-out for the relic doesn't help.  When it was originally announced that Allen & Ginter would contain some cards featuring the World Baseball Classic from this past year, I was optimistic.  I actually really like the general idea of the World Baseball Classic.  Yes, there are definitely some things that can be improved upon, especially logistics-wise, but I enjoyed watching MLB players on different teams getting legitimately excited for games.

This relic series really disappointed.  There are also apparently framed relics of World Baseball Classic subjects, but they have extremely small print runs.  I'm sure they're better than this full-size version, solely based on the fact that they're framed, but I'm not going to try and seek them out.

Framed hits!  Allen & Ginter has been saved!  Haha, this Sanchez went out in the Yankees trade and the Krazy George went out as a contest prize.  I don't think I've ever really complained about a framed Allen & Ginter card outside of the very in-your-face frame from 2010.  This trend will continue.  The framing on all these cards this year is simple, yet effective.  I love them.  

I was very sad to part with that Sanchez.  Krazy George, on the other hand, I couldn't care less about.  I apologize that the first 2017 framed auto you see on this blog is of this guy.  Oh well.

The remainder of today's cards were flipped on eBay.  I usually don't put much of anything up on eBay to sell, but I needed a bit of cash flow to fund a subsequent purchase of this year's Allen & Ginter X (more on that in another post).

Allen & Ginter went with a completely revamped design on their RIP cards this year.  I personally, am not a huge fan, but then again, I don't really actively collect these, so I'm not too concerned with it.  I briefly thought about ripping these open, but I've probably ripped five or six of these throughout my collecting days and I've never gotten anything other than an EXT mini.

Trea Turner RIP Card: $80
Randy Johnson RIP Card: $85

I love these silks.  I've had pretty decent luck pulling these in the past few years.  I put this up on eBay without any real intentions of selling it, but someone snatched it up paying my full (I thought somewhat ridiculous) asking price.  I guess I'm not complaining!

Julio Urias Framed Silk Mini: $35

The last card to sell on eBay.  I guess I got a Jose Altuve hot box!  Honestly, I don't really have a use/want for these printing plates unless they're specifically a player I really like.  They just don't do much for me, so to the chopping block it went!  Unfortunately, I later found out that The Daily Dimwit was interested in this card, but it had unfortunately already left the house.  Sorry bud!

Jose Altuve Framed Mini Black Printing Plate: $95

Total eBay earnings: $295 (well... $265 after fees)

Paying for more than a quarter of my case with four cards made me fairly happy.


  1. Boy I'm getting picky. Nothing here excites me. Relic cards of modern players seem overplayed at this point. Should I know who Crazy George is? I do like the design of the base cards. Good for you for making out on eBay.

    1. I don't blame you in the slightest. The hits aren't the reason I go after A&G anyways. The only thing that really excited me from above was the silk mini.

  2. Nice stuff! I like rip cards, just never fortune enough to have ever pulled one :(

  3. I have these black minis if interested too. 103reyes, 193 frazier, 204 machado, 255 turner, 268 olson. I also have 13 ag backs, and some more older set minis..