Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A Trade Package from a fan of the NL Champs

Finally!  We've arrived at the last trade post from September!  The below cards are courtesy Dayton of the newer blog Retro Cub.  Dayton has been posting quality stuff for two months now and has also featured a couple really nice pulls.  Go check it out when you have the chance!

Aside from being yet another Cubs fan (and Cubs collector) to start blogging, I'm not entirely sure of Dayton's collecting niche yet.  However, I do know that he opened up quite a lot of Allen & Ginter from 2012 and that had me interested!  Of the six 'normal' mini inserts from 2012, Dayton was able to help fill in my want list for five of them!

I promise, I'll get back to reviewing Allen & Ginter insert sets in due time... and none of these have been featured in the countdown yet, but they are all solidly in the top half of the list.  2012 was a good year for inserts.

I do think my favorite insert from this trade package was Beethoven's stink/serious face.  His story (and music) always impress me, and I feel every time I read or listen about who he was, I learn some new or crazy fact about his life.

I will always add cards like these to my collection.  I have no particular great affection towards either subject (although traitor Yunel did play very well for my Bravos for a couple years), but I enjoy simply having more rare minis in my collection in general.  Google has learned that I do sometimes play golf in my downtime, so occasionally a targeted ad pops up featuring "the legend" Hank Haney.  Meh.  No interest.  I will not show your face on this blog sir. 

Speaking of more rare minis!  Two framed minis with subjects whose faces I will show!  I've mentioned before that, while I don't particularly follow tennis, I am extremely impressed by what tennis players can do.  Roger Federer is one of the biggest tennis names out there and I'm proud to add this piece to my collection.

Greg Gumbel will forever be linked in my brain as the host of March Madness.  He is so ingrained, that his other accomplishments (whatever they may be are completely irrelevant to me).  This is similar to Bob Costas and Olympic coverage, and more recently, Rebecca Lowe with Premier League coverage.  I enjoy all three of those hosts when they are doing that job.  Actually, I truly believe that Rebecca Lowe is an absolute master of her craft.  Many of you who don't watch the Premier League should have recently seen her help cover the Rio Olympics.

It's a shame that ESPN doesn't have anyone I can immediately point to like this.  Perhaps the closest talent they have at this level is Scott Van Pelt (who I usually enjoy, but whose niche is unfortunately golf) and maybe Bob Ley with his older work.

Dayton didn't forget I was a Braves fan either, sending me two retail only parallels.  The Freeman gold mini is obviously a welcome addition, as he might be the only position playing Bravo that has been with the team for at least a year and is collectible on a long term basis.  Sigh.

Tyrell Jenkins has been in the minors since late 2010 and actually made the move up to the big-leagues this year.  He made 14 appearances (8 starts) and going 6 innings for half of those starts.  His low inning count and a couple really bad starts have really inflated his current MLB ERA.  Hopefully this will be a guy that will step up for us next year.

Unfortunately, this package contained no Cubs or Indians so it didn't allow me talk much about the Series that started last night.  I don't particularly have a rooting interest, but I suppose if I was pressed for a decision, I would be rooting for the Cubs.  I just enjoy good baseball, and mostly good pitching.  Kluber's performance last night.  That's what I like.

Thanks for all the great cards Dayton!

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  1. Glad you like them! Hope to trade with you again soon!